Best graphing calculator for engineering students

Best graphing calculator for engineering students

The graphical calculator is also known as a programmable calculator. A graphing calculator is a valuable tool designed to help students visualize and understand math and science concepts. This is a common gadget every engineering student has in their bag.

Edith Clarke, an electrical engineer, patented and designed the first graphical calculator in early 1925. The calculator we use today is much different from that one.

The new generation calculator we use has more functions and provides quick answers. I want to call it the next generation of scientific calculators. Additionally, this generation’s Best graphing calculator for engineering students has a larger screen, and you can see more lines at once.

 In terms of manufacturer, Casio is the most popular, followed by HP and Texas Instruments. Before you purchase any SAT, ACT, or PSAT model, ask your teacher or senior student for advice.

The market is full of graphical calculators, so we gathered all the best ones to choose from, so select the one that is right for you.

List of the top graphing calculators for engineering students​

You have to be more cautious before purchasing a graphing calculator based on your needs. It would be best if you considered some factors before making a final purchase because the calculator must work for you. The ideal device is one with an easy-to-use interface and an affordable price, as well as a big display, a long battery life, and a light body.

1. Casio Fx-CG500 graphing calculator

The intuitive design of the Casio fx CG 500 eliminates the need for unnecessarily key operations. A large touchscreen and a handy stylus keep it occupied in its upright orientation, or you can rotate it for a broader view.

From the extended screen width, you can switch between portrait and landscape views, and its split-screen feature enables you to view functions and graphs simultaneously. A key part of G salt is the ability to solve intersection route problems quickly.

On the other hand, the picture plot allows users to plot a story over pictures to help them understand math functions. 

Moreover, the stylus provides an interactive interface, allowing dropdown menus and intuitive operation with a horizontal or vertical display in run mode allows a long equation input and review. Advanced features like 3D graphing and CAS calculation can be done with it.


  • Large touch screen.
  • Feels like a smartphone.
  • Nearly 5-inch display.
  • LCD display with over 65,000 colors.
  • Battery life 100 hours plus.
  • USB enable.


  • A little bit slow.

2. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

This graphing calculator can be used at school. It can be used for any exam to map equations and graphs. The backlit display allows users to color-code graphs and objects with ease.

It comes with a TI rechargeable battery which quickly recharges via USB cable. 

It comes preloaded with apps and images to help you get started fast. Its math print functionality lets users input data and formulas exactly the way they appear in textbooks. It also has the capability of graphing and analyzing up to ten functions at the same time.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator supports up to 10 matrices of 50 by 50 size stored at once and has a rechargeable battery. There are pull-down display menus with advanced functions, as well as the most commonly used calculator.


  • User friendly.
  • 24 KB RAM/480 KB ROM.
  • 12 preloaded applications.
  • Slide case.
  • MathPrint functionality.
  • Approved for SAT, ACT, AP exams.
  • Longer battery life.


  • No computer algebra system.

3. Texas instrument Nspire Cx CAS

Cx CAS graphing calculator has innovative capabilities. Research has shown that accelerated learning of complex concepts can be achieved through the use of teaching strategies. 

With this, you can perform computations, input equations, and formulas. Rotate the rotation of two variables to view exact values such as pi and x and y radicals.

It is faster and stronger when it comes to making connections between equations and graphs when performing step-by-step arithmetic, algebra, and calculus calculations.

A single charge is expected to last up to two weeks when using the graphic representations on screen and TI’s Nspire rechargeable battery.

CX CAS is equipped with a high-resolution full-color display that makes it easy to see every exponent variable. Rotation is controlled via a full alphanumeric keyboard—the features color-coded crafts and overlays, as well as the ability to transfer work to a computer.


  • Better resolution with color screen.
  • Large library of built-in math functions.
  • Built-in spreadsheet.
  • Allowed on SAT exam.
  • It has a computer algebra solver.
  • Can make easy notes.
  • 3D graph and fully rotatable.


  • Not allowed on the ACT exam
  • Some face difficulty in pressing the button.

4. Casio Fx-9750 GII

The Casio Fx-9750 GII graphing calculator offers all the standard features of an entry-level graphing calculator.

It helps students and educators alike from middle school to high school and into college.

Because it has an icon-based menu, it’s easy to navigate, and the soft menus make it easy to access functionality for everyday tasks.

Additionally, the intuitive software design encourages student engagement in mathematics rather than memorization of keys. By providing graphs of mathematical concepts, it is possible to effectively promote student success.

It features a high-resolution LCD with enlarged dot area technology. To facilitate student comprehension, this software produces clear graphics and easy-to-understand data representations.

Due to the quick processing speed, student success is enhanced at test time, especially with accurate, swift calculations.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Wide range of graph capabilities.
  • Memory 62,000 bytes.
  • Has USB port.
  • Over 2800 functions.
  • Dot-matrix display.
  • Long battery life.


  • Battery not rechargeable.

5. Catiga CS121 Graphing Calculator

There’s a lot of simplicity in the display of the catiga CS121, so it’s better for people who don’t like complexity. In addition, the multifunctions are easy to use.

Whether you’re working on trigonometry or calculus, it’s perfect for simple calculations. This calculator impresses me with the ease with which it works. In addition, pre-cat classes and statistics can benefit greatly from this course.

This calculator shows graphs and equations simultaneously, making it easier for students who have trouble drawing perfect graphs. All in all, it has all the functions, including complex statistics and multivariable calculus. 

Excel may not have a high-tech graphing feature, but for such tasks, it is often a better option, especially in the tech-driven world of today. There is a big difference between Catiga CS121 and the TI series, and it will give you a brand new experience.

It’s much cheaper than other high-tech graphic calculators and still has all the same functions.

In summary, this calculator is user-friendly and definitely worth the money.


  • Easy to use.
  • Cheaper than other calculators.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Large screen.


  • Not a well-known brand.
  • Not beginner-friendly.

6. Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculator is one of the flagship Texas Instruments calculators used in math classes at all levels.

This calculator is one of the most powerful when it comes to algebraic equations and below all the way up to differential equations and beyond.

I find it incredible, and with this calculator, anything is possible. This calculator is excellent for science classes as well as for physics and engineering. 

The TI 89 calculator can perform basic math algebra calculus graphs, matrices, and calculus and create animations, graphs, and 3D designs and plot contours.

Its flash technology allows upgrading to future software versions without having to invest in new calculators continually. It has 188 kilobytes of RAM and 2.7 megabytes of flash memory. Its large LCD can be adjusted to fit the environment being viewed.


  • Built-in USB port with cable.
  • Sixteen preloaded applications.
  • 188KB of RAM and 2.7MB of MB flash memory.
  • natural textbook display screen.


  • It’s too complicated to use.
  • High in price.

Which is the best graphing calculator for engineering students​?

Among all the calculators, the Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium is the most advanced Graphing Calculator we have. An updated version of TI-84. Exceptional user experience, good quality, and a high level of performance. Nowadays, it is the most popular calculator for engineers.

Is a TI 84 good for engineering?

 For engineering students, this is kind of necessary. A graphing calculator is not only useful for solving homework problems but is also extremely helpful on exams where graphing calculators are permitted. 

Advanced calculators become necessary when you reach turn into a college student from school students and want to peruse a higher level of study. Calculators with advanced graphing capabilities can solve matrix equations and linear systems, partial fraction decomposition, partial derivatives, and ordinary differential complex equations.

On exams, this eliminates a huge amount of tedious complex calculations. Some people think it is cheating, but it is not. Your knowledge of fluid mechanics will be tested on the conceptual understanding of the topic, not on how quickly you can solve matrices. Graphing calculators can be customized to become even more useful by writing and saving programs on them.


There are many calculators out there, but Texas Instruments and Casio always dominate the market. Many new brands have come with a new updated graphing calculator. 

It is hard to tell which one is suitable for you since there are restrictions in the exam hall. Most graphing calculators have excellent battery life. There is a high chance that you’ll be accepted on a test such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or AP.g calculator. So you should consider your choice with our suggestion to select the perfect one for you.

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