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Best basic calculator for everyday use

We cannot think of doing any calculation without a calculator in the present day. A calculator that can perform the most basic functions is known as a basic calculator. These functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some people refer to this type of calculator as having four functions. 

One of the first mechanical calculators was invented in 1642. Since that time, the calculator industry has completely changed. The basic calculator has become a part of everyday life. It can be seen in homes, offices, courts, schools, and colleges. 

This calculator is very easy to use and is available for people of all ages, young and old. It can be used to perform all the small calculations of daily life, from simple to complex, and is available in all sizes, with batteries. 

Often, this is the first calculator that school children use, and they enjoy it very much. Teachers allow their students to use this calculator because math problems can be solved easily, and an office worker is always seen with this basic calculator on his desk.

How to use a basic calculator

The basic calculator has a number key from 0 to 9, along with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division keys. 

Moreover, there are some more important keys, like the “C” key. If you want to make a new start, press C and all previous ones will be erased with one click or press AC for the same result. 

In order to correct a mistaken entry, you can use the backspace key. To make a positive number negative, you can use the +/- key. To calculate the square root of any number, you can use the “√” key. Using the “%” key, we can calculate the percentage. For example, if a 10 dollar product is sold with a 20% discount, how can we figure out the current price?

To find the price, you must first input 10 dollars, then subtract 20 with the % keys, resulting in 2 dollars. Then, press the equal key to discover the price. The result is 8 dollars. In other words, the current price of the product is 8 dollars. 

Also, tax calculations can be done with this key. MRC, M-, M+ keys are for memory, so we can keep all the positive values. Press the M+ key for all positive numbers and the M- key for all negative numbers. By pressing 12M+ 18M+ 10M- 14M-, for example. 

Now we will get the answer by just pressing the MRC button and the answer is 6, Pressing the MRC button again will clear the memory. These were all the keys of the Basic Calculator.

Affordability of best basic calculator

A normal basic calculator can be seen everywhere from schools to offices. It seems like a very useful tool. Like mobile phones, many people keep them in their pockets or bags. The price of a basic calculator ranges from 5 to 20 dollars. Therefore, it is within everyone’s reach. 

Back then, this machine was not so cheap and small in size. In the past, a calculator could not be operated alone. The average person could not afford those calculators because only big companies and rich people could afford them. 

In any case, now that there are new designs of calculators available at low prices, students in primary schools are using them. Parents are able to purchase them at low prices for their children. The quality of a cheap calculator may not always be that good, and the warranty may not always be offered. Therefore, buying a calculator in a more expensive range will be a better option.

List of 5 top basic calculator

Victor(6700) 16-Digit Desktop Calculator for a large display

On the big screen, you can easily catch mistakes, and it’s convenient to make large calculations. While these calculators are relatively expensive and large in size, they can be used well if they are kept permanently on the desk. 

“Victor(6700) 16-Digit Desktop Calculator” is the best large display calculator. With its large display, 16 digits can be seen together. The calculator weighs 10.4 ounces (variable price). This calculator looks amazing with a silver and blue color scheme. 

This calculator features a hybrid power system that runs off the battery and solar power. It also features an angled LCD display. Its round, full-size keys are comfortable to use. In length, the calculator is about the same as a pencil, so it requires a bit more space to operate.

This calculator has functions such as tax keys, percent keys, markup keys, grand total keys, selectable decimal and rounding switches, backspace keys, automatic constants, and 3-key self-reliant memory. 

The use of such large display calculators is common in modern offices. Employers prefer to use calculators instead of computers for calculations. The calculators automatically shut off after a period of inactivity. Below are some of the positive and negative features of this calculator.


  • 16 digit LCD display
  • 2 way hybrid power 
  • Easy to use
  • Large keys
  • Easy to view


  • Little bit big
  • may seem expensive for some people

Casio MH-10M MINI-Desktop Standard Function Calculator

Casio is a name everyone knows. They make very good quality calculators, and they are well known for this. Nearly everyone has used a calculator produced by this company. The first Casio calculator was produced in 1957. As time passed on, they developed new models of calculators, each of varying quality. 

As far as basic calculators are concerned, Casio stands out. There is no better basic calculator than the Casio MH-10M MINI-Desktop Standard Function Calculator. This calculator comes with a black and white plastic body for an inexpensive price. There is a large ten-digit display calculator that has solar and battery (1 Lithium-ion battery) power. 

Using this mini desktop calculator you can easily calculate taxes. It features a tax key. A quick correction key and keys for sale/cost/margin calculation are also included. With the large buttons, the numbers can be easily entered. 

When needed, memory keys can be saved with any number. In this calculator, the buttons are placed with sufficient gaps so the numbers are rarely incorrect. Therefore, everyone, from school/college students to office workers, enjoys using this calculator. 


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to view
  • Large keys
  • Good quality


  • No backlight

Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standard Function Calculator

Texas Instruments produces very top-quality calculators. Many people think this company makes the finest calculators. Texas Instruments started researching calculators in 1966 and started manufacturing them in 1972. 

The Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV Standard Function Calculator is the preferred calculator for beginners. The silver and black colored calculator is powered by solar and lithium metal batteries. This classic calculator costs 10.99 dollars ( variable ). This program includes keys for tax calculation, rate calculation, and percent key.

Furthermore, the mini desktop calculator includes a square root key that is beneficial for students. With the change sign (+/-) key, any positive number can be made negative, and with memory keys, any number can be saved permanently. The angled display makes it easy to view and use the big keys to do the math. However, there is a lot of space between the keys. 

This large Superview Desktop Calculator makes home, office, and retail work effortless. Its size is small so it can be transported in a pocket without any hassle. If left unused, it will automatically shut down after a certain period of time. These are some advantages and disadvantages of the calculator.


  • Easy to view
  • Easy to use
  • 2 way power
  • Affordable


  • No backward key

CATIGA CD-2786 Calculator for students

Basic calculators are used by the majority of students, particularly in elementary schools. Some calculators are designed for elementary school students. In response to student demand, companies have introduced updated models of basic calculators. As a result, this market is growing steadily. Occasionally, teachers also recommend a particular calculator. 

For students, the “CATIGA CD-2786 Calculator” is the best calculator. All of the numbers can be seen clearly on its 12 digit LCD screen. The blue color calculator boasts solar and battery dual power, and it is priced at 9.71 dollars (variable). Users can quickly and easily operate this calculator thanks to its responsive buttons. Its solar panels can operate in low-light conditions. 

Performing simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is simple. The keyboard has a backspace key, a grand total key, CE, %, M+/M-/MRC keys. Memory keys allow you to save any value and to use it for calculations if necessary. 

Due to the auto power-off feature, the calculator will automatically shut off if left unused for 6 minutes. There is no need to worry about your battery draining. 

Although it has a large screen, the light calculator can easily be carried in a pocket. Teachers allow students to use this calculator in class and during exams.


  • 2-way power
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Large keys
  • Auto shut down


  • Sticky key

BESTWYA 125, 12-Digit Dual Power Desktop Calculator for bulk purchase

“BESTWYA 125, 12-Digit Dual Power Desktop Calculator” is recommended for bulk purchase. This comes in a pack of five black color calculators and costs very cheap. 

If you select the blue/pink color pack, the price will increase even more. It is a solar and battery-powered desktop calculator. 

Since the button is large and rebounding, there’s no need to press it again. Upon completion of work, the auto-power-off feature automatically shuts off the computer. 

Thanks to its non-slip design, there is no chance of slipping or getting scratches. With a 30-degree angle display, you can sit up straight and work without being bothered by neck and back pain.

There are buttons for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, as well as %. Calculators like this are suitable for primary schools, offices, markets, and homes. Listed below are some of its benefits and shortcomings.


  • 2-way power
  • Auto shut down
  • User friendly
  • 12 digit 
  • 30-degree angle display
  • Affordable


  • Poor quality
  • Not durable

Buying tips for a basic calculator

If you buy a lot of products at once, you can get a discount. This is called bulk purchase.

The same model calculator can now be purchased in bulk at once. This saves both time and money. It is very popular among buyers in the present era. 

Groups of big students, schools, and teachers generally order these calculators in bulk. Companies or organizations also purchase this way. All the products are readily available at once and can be distributed to all. If you are in the same office, everyone can start working together and there is no difference between them. 


In conclusion, the Texas Instruments BA II Plus is one of the most popular basic calculators. This calculator has an attractive and straightforward design that is easy to use. It comes with a large display and is easy to read. It also comes with a battery, which can last for about five years.

In this modern age, many people still use basic calculators that are 10/15 years old. It is better to buy a good quality, mid-range priced, branded product rather than one that is too cheap.

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