Best adding machine for accountants and business purpose

Best adding machine for accountants and business purpose

The machine that prints out the result of the calculator’s calculation are called an adding machine. Currently, everything is going paperless and the results are being displayed. But despite all this, the value of adding machines remains unchanged. 

There are many modern adding machines available on the market. They are especially useful for people who like to keep printouts as evidence. When there is a mistake, it can be easily corrected, and a copy can be immediately given to someone else. 

You can see adding machines more often in accounting offices, as well as in small and large businesses.

It is easy to calculate taxes using this calculator. Even though it is a little big and heavy, it can be taken outside for important work.

Increasingly, big companies are introducing devices to the market with new designs. The article highlights the importance of adding machines and the best adding machines available to buy.

How to use the adding machine

Making sure you follow the instructions carefully is important when using the adding machine. In terms of performance, an adding machine is also known as a mini-computer. With its quick speed, it’s perfect for home, office, and outdoors.

Since the keys are fairly large, the calculations usually don’t go wrong. You can easily calculate margins and taxes when you use margin and tax keys. You can find errors by using the markup and markdown keys. 

A 12-digit LCD display is usually available, as well as a currency exchange function. Although there might be some differences from one company to the next. Ultimately, the print key is what matters most. 

On the top of the machine, there is a printed copy of the answer. In addition, the printer can print in two-thirds multicolor and can print 1/2 line in a second.

It is necessary to attach the machine’s paper to the machine since the paper is a particular size. 

The AC adapter or the AA battery can be used both inside and outside the office. Some calculations can be saved in its memory.

best adding machine calculator list

In the past, adding machines were called comptometers. The calculator did not look like the current calculator, but rather like a typewriter. There were keys like a keypad or keyboard that would pop up and sound after each press. In addition to tax functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division may be combined. 

There are some differences between an adding machine and a calculator. By using adding machines, one cannot perform graphical calculations and calculus functions.

Casio HR-200RC Printing Calculator

The best adding machine calculator is the Casio HR-200RC Printing Calculator. It allows you to calculate as well as print easily with this calculator. The plastic body of this calculator is black in color and costs a reasonable amount. It has a large 12-digit display with perfectly aligned numbers. 

It can detect positive-negative numbers due to its two-color printing, tax calculation, cost/sell/margin calculation, and margin calculation. Therefore, mistakes are reduced. Having dual power allows it to be used in both a fixed location with an electrical connection and in the outdoor environment with a battery. 

With this calculator, you can view the time and the calendar at the same time. This calculator has a currency exchange function, decimal selector function, and 1.25-pound weight.


  • Not so heavy
  • 2 way power
  • 2 color print
  • Clock/Calendar
  • Low price


  • Very loud
  • Too complicated
  • Hard button

Sharp EL-1801V Adding machine for business owners

A very important machine for business owners is an adding machine. They use it every day at work or in their daily lives. Their front desk is usually filled with this machine. The storekeeper of a business can print the calculations for their clients immediately and keep a copy themselves. The benefits of this machine are many, which is why owners are more dependent on it. Their profit will turn into a loss if there is a mistake in their calculation. 

The Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator is the ideal adding machine for business owners. It has a white plastic/metal body. There is a large blue fluorescent display with 12 digits, which is easy to view in the sunlight. 

The best feature of this printer is its ability to print in two colors and 2.5 lines per second. It also has tax calculations, changes calculations, a grand total key, an average key, cost/sell/margin keys, a backspace key, a percent key, four key memory, a grounding switch, and a decimal switch. , and a decimal switch. 

As a result of its non-slip rubber pads, it stays put. It sticks to one place. The calculator weighs 2.2 pounds and is powered by a 120V power source or a lithium metal battery. Easy to use, fast, and reliable so that business owners can work efficiently. Below are some of the positives and negatives of the software. 


  • 1 touch change calculation function
  • Lightweight
  • Blue Fluorescent Display
  • Print 2.5 LPS
  • 2 color print
  • Solid body


  • Little bit loud
  • No battery power
  • Little bit slow
  • Not portable

Casio HR-170RC Plus Adding machine for accountants

Accounting is the process of settling accounts. Their accounting work requires a fast, reliable, and reliable adding machine. Calculators are an integral part of their daily lives.

These machines are commonly found on desks. In case of need, the adding machine can be removed, and the calculation result can be printed and given to the client, along with a copy. Accounting is more dependent on adding machines for this reason.

The Casio HR-170RC Plus, Mini-Desktop Printing Calculator is the best adding machine for accountants. Powered by an ac adapter or battery, this printing calculator has a large display with 12 digits. it can print in two colors at two lines per second. The calculator body is made of plastic with assorted colors and weighs 1.76 pounds. 

The software has cost/sell/margin functions, check and correct functions up to 150 steps, after print/print after correction functions, etc. The ability to print a clock, a date, and a time. Re-print, duplicate print, shift, percent, and markup-markdown keys, subtotal, and three-digit comma markers. Accounting professionals will be able to use this calculator to their advantage.


  • Easy to view
  • Portability
  • Low price
  • Perfect size
  • 2 way power
  • 2 color print


  • Noisy
  • Little bit slow

Adding machine paper

A paper roll is an essential part of an adding machine. The machine cannot print calculations without a paper roll. A paper roll is usually included in the box. Usually, it is of high quality and quite large. It is common to find the same type of paper roll in virtually all adding machines today. However, some are of different sizes. You will need to use a paper roll that fits the machine. It will last a while depending on how you use it. As such, it’s best to order before it goes on sale and keep it in stock. Nowadays, paper rolls let you know when they’re running out. You can print on good quality rolls of paper for a long time.

Adding machine paper rolls 2-1/4 inch

This is the standard size of adding machine paper rolls. It is widely available everywhere. Addition Machine/Calculator Roll, 2-1/4″x150 ft White 12/Pack, UNV35715″ is the best paper roll for adding machine 2-1/4 inch.

A smooth white paper finish is featured on this paper roll. It is best to keep permanent records, and lint-free paper does not clog the printer. An indicator lets you know when the paper is running out. 

The roll is 150 feet long, so it takes several days to run out. You can use this roll in almost any company adding machine. Both the good and the bad points were discussed.


  • Latex-free
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money


  • Thin paper
  • Poor quality

Adding machine paper 3 inches

Three-inch paper rolls are the largest size in adding machines. The size is larger than random, so it cannot be found everywhere. Furthermore, this size is used by a few adding machines. Staples Bond Paper Rolls, 3″ x 128′, 10/Pack (18211-CC) is ideal for 3-inch paper rolls. This paper roll is suitable for high-quality large prints. 

It is very easy to install each roll of 128 feet because it is 128 feet long. There is a red warning signal near the end of the roll, indicating that a new roll needs to be installed. Premium quality rolls are manufactured according to OEM specifications. Their quality is similar to how they look when printed.


  • Good quality
  • Red warning signal
  • No jams


  • Expensive

Porelon 11204 PR42 Adding machine ink ribbon

In order to print correctly, the ink must be used in the adding machine. Generally, it lasts for a certain period of time. When a brand-new ink ribbon has to be replaced, those who use the printer every day know when to change it. 

In addition, it is best to keep it in stock all the time so you don’t have to worry about printing. Changing the ribbon is a very straightforward process. To remove the used ink roller, you must first remove the machine cover. Once the brand-new roller has been installed, snap the cover back on. 

The printer is now ready for printing. The best ink ribbon for adding machines is Porelon 11204 PR42 Calculator Ink Rolls. These rolls contain two colors of ink, so printing can be done in two colors. Installation is very simple, and the price is very reasonable. 

Ink ribbons dry out after a long time, so you have to wrap them well with tape when not in use. It helps ensure a high-quality print.


Most people think adding a machine works like a normal calculator, but it is very different. It is necessary to enter numbers using the adding machine logic, also known as the 10 key logic. Thus, it is necessary to know how to use adding machines properly. 

This machine is usually used by accountants and small businesses. For cash registers, it is very useful because it can save calculations in memory, as well as print and store them. A calculation can be made more accurate by checking the error. Portability is an extremely valuable feature of this machine. 

When the ink ribbon and paper roll is properly maintained, the machine can be used for many years. The computer should be installed on a safe desk in the office. When used outside, it is a bit expensive to operate since new ink ribbons, new paper rolls, and batteries need to be purchased. This is why it should be applied carefully.

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